Visual Identity Design for Events

Visual communication, conveyance of ideas, concepts and feelings are essential when it comes to creating an event that has an impact on your audience. In a world full of stimuli, Graphic Design is an essential tool that enables us to define the image and the right message you wish to convey in order to attract your target audience.

Savvy has an interdisciplinary team of professional designers that, by using varied technologies and knowledge form other fields, works together to develop a design concept that will create a distinctive identity for each project.

We manage the overall event branding; the development of graphic design pieces needed to meet our clients’ communication requirements; and the production of interactive elements such as high-functioning websites which are suitable for any device, in order to guarantee a successful project.

Services include the design of:

Logotypes and Corporate Identity Manuals.



Certificates and Diplomas.


Websites for events with registration systems and payment option.

Banners / Roll ups.

Indoor and Outdoor Graphics.



Merchandising Design.

Graphics for Screens.


Press advertising.

Presentations Design.