Savvy is a PCO company registered in the Tourism Ministry that specializes in the comprehensive organization of national and international congresses and events for companies of the private and public sector.

Our passion is to organize custom-made congresses and events which stand out for its precise design in order to convey our clients’ ideas through creative and innovative solutions that leave nothing to chance. Our goal is to achieve and exceed your expectations and become your main strategic partner.

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Throughout our 8 years’ experience in the organization of national and international events, we have acquired knowledge of protocol management in the fields of logistics, secretariat, communication, financial, design, commercial and security services. Our aim is to make things easier for you.

We focus on making unique events by creating high-impact spaces that engage the audience. We know the market and will advise you on contracting the best suppliers at the most competitive rates.

We connect the members of your Association to guarantee an efficient communication that facilitates tasks performance. We help you save time and resources for you to focus on achieving your strategic goals.

We advise you in every stage of your exhibition, and apply the strategy that works best to strengthen the connection between different brands, goods and services with the audience. Each project is a challenge that allows us to innovate and be at the forefront of the latest trends in the industry.

We have a marketing-driven team of experienced and professional designers. They will offer you a tailor-made product that will provide you with a creative marketing space, specially designed for you to develop a strong position in the market.

We are sure that in order to effectively deliver a message, it is essential that staging and content communicate the same idea; creating a powerful impact on the audience is our premise. Because of this, we put emphasis on the right use of design and technology in order to create unique experiences.

We make your ideas happen. Our designers will provide personalized advice, and thanks to their know-how, will develop innovative and exclusive projects which adapt the space to the theme of your event.

We offer the corporate identity design you need to guarantee a successful visual communication of your event. We design from logos, invitations, brochures and any other graphic design pieces, to multimedia elements such as websites.

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Offering a flexible service is one of our main features. We provide you with comprehensive or partial event management with a competitive and straightforward approach. We apply the administrative and financial procedures the client requires, and guarantee quality service since we have an extensive and highly-experienced supplier network.

We manage projects regardless of how large the event is or its format. Being part of your work team, either by providing on-site or remote support, prevents our clients from using their own resources in tasks they are not used to managing or in a market they do not know. Our main goal is to smooth the way by optimizing time and reducing operating costs; this way your event will have greater impact and added value.

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Advantages of organizing your next event in Uruguay

Uruguay is well-known for its safety and its warm and kind people. It also has highly-qualified professionals and suppliers that provide cutting-edge technology, which allowed our country to position itself in the Meetings Industry and offer an ideal environment to hold your next event.

Its short distances and ease of access by air, land and sea, turn Uruguay into a country that is open to the world, which provides participants with excellent logistic coordination.

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