Stage Set Design – Event Ambience and Decor

An eye-catching set that engages the audience is essential to vividly convey the speakers’ message. Our design will create a unique atmosphere and will reflect the essence of the message.
Event ambience and decorations will create an inspiring and unique atmosphere to clearly deliver the message.

Thanks to a thorough and previous analysis of the message and of the audience, and by using architectonic, graphic and technological resources, we will offer a memorable experience.


Design as an instrument of active marketing.

Market positioning improvement.

Conveying the corporate image.

Creating unrivaled experiences to be associated with the product or service.

Providing a distinctive and customized finished product.

Enhancing clients-company interaction.

Services include:


Customized design based on the previous analysis of the exhibited brand and its target audience.


Audiovisual services that include lighting, screens, mappings, and others.


Executive project including all the technical and structural specifications.


Furniture design and manufacture or selection in the market.


Assembly that follows all the required safety measures.


Renovation and recycling of previous items to renovate the project.