About Us

Savvy was created by Gavin Díaz Symonds (Director), who has worked at the United Nations System (UN). He was in charge of planning, coordinating and executing different national and international events in Uruguay, which allowed him to acquire great knowledge of rigorous management protocols in varied areas of expertise. This guarantees that the smallest details are taken care of, which is essential for a successful event.

We have a multidisciplinary and multilingual experienced team who believes that the organization of on-site events is a strategic communication tool that has to reflect the clients’ identities. Our professional and dedicated team crafts interactive spaces that deliver unique and memorable experiences.

Having an in-depth understanding of our clients’ aims is of absolute importance to guarantee an exclusive and custom-made service that transforms events into unforgettable experiences.


To organize national and international congresses and events recognized for the professional and premium services we provide in order to achieve our clients’ goals. Our aim is to obtain results that support our country in its positioning as a destination in the Meetings Industry, and also to create room for knowledge sharing.


To be a model company in the fields of event planning and association management services which encourages constant professionalism and innovation in the administrative processes. We have a proactive attitude at the moment of identifying comprehensive and smart solutions to our clients’ challenges, and our ideas generate synergies that strengthen our role as strategic partners.

Our values


To apply standardized management procedures that allow us to achieve our clients’ goals within the agreed time frame.


To build a relationship with our clients based on integrity, mutual respect and transparency; our clients are our greatest asset.


To adapt our services to any kind of event regardless of its size; we solve any unexpected circumstances and stick to the budget.


To generate creative and innovative ideas which are the result of interacting with our clients; this let us grow together and forge a solid relationship that goes beyond their events.


To offer a comprehensive and custom-made service that facilitates the interaction with our clients and the identification of their needs, in order to provide them with dynamic solutions that make the most of their resources in each stage of the event.


To commit ourselves with the project and rigorously comply what was agreed with our clients’ and suppliers.


To encourage innovation is part of our corporate culture. We implement creative ideas, update our management processes and constantly search for new tools that meet our clients´ needs.


To process our clients’ information with absolute discretion.